What are your thoughts?

Hello everyone! I want to say thanks for stumbling to my blog! I never thought I would make one until a friend of mine kept telling me that I should make one about food. I wanted to share my thoughts on food, a healthy lifestyle and whatever is on my mind. Sounds like a usual blog? Could be. Might be. Or will be.

In this blog I wanted to focus mainly on food adventures I’ve had and living in Los Angeles, there are so many places to go and try! A few of my favorites would be mom and pops places. We all love food and yes, I know your cravings with that amazing moist and delicious chocolate cake (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) or 1 am cravings for grilled cheese (Ohhh baby!!!) and I wanted to share those crave thoughts.

Food is my life and coming from a family who loves to cook and eat, it’s hard to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. I know many are working out hard and getting into the fit ass body they want and then there are some that want to do something but don’t know where to start. I’m not giving exercise tips or teaching you how to work that booty but I do want to share my experiences, struggles in keeping fit and losing weight and most importantly, alternative ways to eating healthy. Yes, I know it’s fudging hard but…WE CAN DO THIS!!! FOR THE LOVE OF SWEETS! 😀

So hopefully you will tune in from time to time where I will share my thoughts, adventure and even “tea talks” with you and we can all share.